Transform your hidden potential into significant and sustainable power.

Applying the skills and utilizing the global network that we have cultivated in industries and businesses in Japan, the US, and Europe, we work hand-in-hand with you to tackle the current challenges that SMEs face.
As a nationally recognized support agency, we offer the following feasible and effective services :

News & Topics
28 Nov 2017
Seminar on Innovation for SMEs – Tokyo
25 Oct 2017
Free 5S Seminar – SMECA Kanagawa
13 Oct 2017
Productivity Strategy Seminar – Embassy of Japan in Mauritius
10 Oct 2017
Homepage launched
25 Sep 2017
Workshop of Corporate Sustainability Management – Taipei, ROC
11 Sep 2017
Africa Business Education Initiative – Mauritius
04 Sep 2017
TQM Workshop – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
01 Sep 2017
Communication Training for Sales Directors – Tokyo
31 Aug 2017
Certified Support Agencies for Business Innovation